Legal Operations

Legal Operations is a set of processes and activities which allows both law firms and in-house corporate departments to more effectively reduce operating costs, improve legal and administrative staffing, manage risks, monitor compliance, incorporate the right technological skills, and improve project management processes.

Legal Operations has gained more traction over the past few years. The industry centers around providing in-house departments and firms with the most cost-effective solutions, which has never been more important as we all navigate the evolving legal landscape and the challenges of the pandemic.

In-House legal departments are continuously striving to control costs, and there is ample data that proves that employing legal operations professionals is critical in managing e-discovery and litigation, regulatory and compliance, technology and innovation processes / implementation, vendor management and cross-function alignment.

Data has shown similar results regarding firm operations. Additionally, in-house teams want to see this process in the law firms they use. Having a better understanding of legal operations processes enables firms gain a greater appreciation of client needs, thereby allowing firms to increase client satisfaction.

Davis Search can help you find the right Legal Operations Professional to create, implement or improve the integral tools and processes of your law firm or in-house department.

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