At Davis Search, our relationships with our clients are founded upon a mutual understanding of individual philosophies and requirements. We value all of our clients and we invest the time and effort to cater to each one's specific needs. As a result, we are able to successfully match qualified candidates to our clients in an efficient and timely manner.

The manner in which we approach our search begins with tapping into several resources, including our own database, the Martindale-Hubbell software database and networking with many attorneys we know for the purpose of obtaining referrals. These include using our own database, the Martindale-Hubbell Software and networking with many attorneys we know for the purpose of obtaining referrals. We meet with viable candidates when possible and you can count on us to stay involved throughout the entire process. We make sure the placement process goes smoothly and we will troubleshoot when it doesn't.

Why should you work with Davis Search?

At Davis Search, we understand the diversity in today's legal market. Our knowledge is critical for an efficient and effective job search. Knowing and understanding our client's requirements allows us to find the right match between the client's staffing needs and the candidate's credentials. Our approach to placement is time-tested and methodical and has proven results.

We will find the best candidates for you.

Considering our backgrounds, it is not hard to understand why we are well-suited to find you the best candidates. In sum, our recruiters have close to 30 years of legal industry experience, during which we have established relationships with literally hundreds of attorneys who have excellent credentials. This experience gives us instant credibility. Our referral base is unsurpassed by other legal recruiting firms.

Nobody is better qualified to assess candidates' legal skills.

We are experts at assessing not just a candidate's character and work ethic, but also their ability to produce a high quality work product. We will make sure that a candidate does not merely present well during an interview, but will also be able to do the work once you hire them. We have already worked with many firms and corporations assisting them with their recruiting efforts, and we know how to market firms and corporations to candidates.

We will always thoroughly assess and investigate a candidate.

We will never recommend a candidate to you before we have done a thorough in-office assessment. We will perform an extensive investigation of a candidate's skills, background, personality and career goals before sending that candidate to you. Every candidate we meet will undergo an assessment of their reasons for being dissatisfied with their current position, and what they are hoping to achieve by changing employers. We will only send a candidate to you if we are convinced that there will be a good fit between the candidate and your firm. We will be candid about every candidate's strengths and weaknesses.

We will save you time.

We will never send you a candidate unless we truly believe that candidate is qualified for the job and will excel at your firm or corporation. We will save you time by eliminating the hassle of reviewing resumes and interviewing candidates who clearly will not fit into your firm's culture or do not satisfy your hiring criteria.

We care about your organization's culture.

We already know a lot about the cultures of various law firms and corporations.What we have seen is that each firm and corporate legal department is unique and has a different environment. We want to make sure that we know as much as we can about your organization's culture. Thus, if you would like to use our services, we welcome the opportunity to visit your firm or corporation and meet with some of the attorneys who you think represent your entity's culture, so that we can learn even more about your workplace. We plan to make this an ongoing process, so that we are always in tune with your particular culture and needs.

We care more about maintaining relationships and honesty than merely making a placement.

Davis Search will always operate under the highest ethical standards. We will not try to talk you into a candidate who does not meet your needs, like some legal recruiters may do. When you work with us, complete honesty will be the policy. We know that integrity and openness is the key to establishing and maintaining a good working relationship, and we do not intend to compromise these values just to get a placement fee. You will be able to trust us to send you only those candidates who meet your needs. We will also be available to discuss each candidate with you at every stage of the recruiting process.

We will give you honest and valuable feedback.

We think that part of our responsibility as legal recruiters is to be candid with you as to why candidates make the decisions they make. We would be happy to give you feedback regarding the impressions your firm is making on our candidates and to work with you to correct any unfounded perceptions of your firm that exist in the legal marketplace.

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